Product: For Buyers

Key features of Alethium for Buyers

Certificates of Analysis

Where suppliers have provided CoAs or purchased them through Alethium, you can view and download these from the product listing. You can filter search results for only those with CoAs attached.


Quickly and easily discover new suppliers. Compare features and certifications, understand supplier credibility quickly. For more complex or larger orders, have Alethium source on your behalf.


Reduce your risk on new suppliers even further by using Escrow on Alethium: payment only completes once both parties agree.


Alethium is an automated platform. You no longer need to think about VAT compliance, invoicing or offline relationships spread across many channels. Place orders when convenient for you and know that fullfillment can begin as soon as payment has been processed.




Markets and marketplaces are as old as time, digital marketplaces only facilitate the features that have always made markets central to trade and society. Alethium respects and builds on this history by engaging users with one another and the platform is ways that are of practical use, online and offline.

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