Product: For Suppliers

Key features of Alethium for Suppliers


Certificates of Analysis

Access the cheapest testing you'll find through Alethium and have a very strong credibility asset automatically shown on your products. Or, if you already have CoAs, attach them to your products so that buyers have easy access while they make their buying decisions.



Give buyers extra peace of mind by carrying out additional verification tasks. These are optional but may improve buyers' ability for form a positive opinion of you.



Find new buyers and quickly demonstrate your credibility to them using our tools. Pay low fees only on what you sell.



Alethium is an automated platform. Let us handle VAT compliance, payment reconciliations and invoicing. Stay able to process orders out-of-hours. Keep your orders in a single place so you can easily see what's what.




Markets and marketplaces are as old as time, digital marketplaces only facilitate the features that have always made markets central to trade and society. Alethium respects and builds on this history by engaging users with one another and the platform is ways that are of practical use, online and offline.

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