Product Overview

Alethium B2B Marketplace

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Pillar 1


Understand your buyers & sellers.

Companies and consumers need to have reliable information available to them to make decisions. This goes beyond ‘hard’ facts like Certificates of Analysis and transaction histories, it includes trustworthy information on provenance, certifications, kitemarks and other practices carried out by suppliers. 

Pillar 2


Beyond facts and figures, trust is a feeling. How do we help you get that confidence?

Buyer & Seller Scores

Get a quick sense of buyer and seller credibility through our scoring system. Drill into each score to learn how it was earned to quickly assess how much confidence you have in them.


See how previous transactions have been rated by other companies like yours in the past.


Use Alethium's escrow account to be sure that money doesn't change hands until the transaction is finalised.

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Pillar 3


Feature and price comparison, supply chain resiliency and expanding your network all help to drive your profitability.

Because we make it easy to work out who you can trust, we make it easy for finding new suppliers to just work. You no longer know who you buy from or sell to on B2C platforms like Amazon, Uber or AirB&B. B2C can have the same level of ease. 

Pillar 4


Completing the admin around your closed deals or your purchasing process isn't adding value to your business, but it does still need to be done. Let us help. 

Simple, no-nonsense fees

We don't hide any fees or charge any extras for any reason. The only adjustment we make is to cap our fees at €500 per transaction. We only want to charge fees we think are reasonable and that our users will be happy to pay.  Beyond a certain level it wouldn't make sense to keep activity on platform. We can see that, so we keep our fees in check.

Order Processing

We offer automation. That means we can book orders, process payments and make sure the right people have the right information without anyone needing to be on duty to pick up the phone and make fulfillment happen. That leaves you free to do the important stuff.

Payment Facilitation & Escrow

Alethium manages payment flows for you. This means buyers can get their orders fulfilled in the quickest possible time and suppliers can get on with their jobs without the need to rely on bank reconciliations, credit control and other accounts depatment pain.

With Escrow, we remove another objection to new business - buyer's money is safe and supplier have no credit risk. Phew.

Tax Compliance

As a seller, it is your responsibility to apply the correct VAT. get it wrong, and get bogged down for months by a tax authority investigation. And likely a bill for backpayment of VAT. That can kill a small business.

As a buyer, are you clear on whether you should be paying VAT or not? Do you know whether you can reclaim VAT paid to another country's tax authority?

We take the worry away from both sides of the transactions so you can worry about something useful.


Perhaps the most basic of accounts department tasks, but also one of the more time-consuming. Allow Alethium to take care of invoicing for you, along with sales tax compliance, and reduce the accounts workload on transactions we process to zero.

Consolidation of Process

Wouldn't it be simple if you could find and buy everything you need from one place? Amazon has managed this in the consumer world, there isn't much you can't buy there in your consumer life. B2B can be the same.

We know there are barriers to putting all your purchasing or selling in one place, but talk to us about that - we have answers you might like. We think we can save you a lot of time and effort.

Pillar 5


As Old as Time

The history of markets and marketplaces goes back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia – so to the beginning or recorded history. Cities and cultures have developed around them.  

Today, markets continue to be in rude health. In the physical world, markets are found the world over. Of course, they offer functional advantages like ease of price and quality comparison, reduced travel and so on, but they also provide community. You can ask around about stall holders, the market itself won’t tolerate behavior that is bad for the collective. You get trust through community. 

Beyond technical features and tools, Alethium builds a community of like-minded businesses looking to a better future.