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CEO & Co-founder

Chris McCormack

Chris is a longstanding technology early adopter. In recent times, technology has arrived in health and wellness allowing us to better understand and manage our health. Chris has been an early user of many of these, from Garmin for managing fitness, Zoe for diet, Zero for intermittent fasting to Inside Tracker for monitoring blood biomarkers and Oura for sleep monitoring.

The emerging longevity sector has also recently arrived in the consumer space with services such as Tally Health and Early. As these mature, they too will rely on an effective supplements industry.

Learning more about the industry, Chris realized how severe some of the issues facing consumers are. Combined with a background in supply chain and technology, Chris saw an opportunity for the sector to try something new. 

Co-founder & Sales Director

Sam Mallach

Sam has been operating in the health & wellness supply chain for over five years, so knows in detail how the industry works and why.

Last year upon meeting a client, Sam was told that his product had transformed her life. Sam believes that the industry has much more to offer – many more people could have their lives changed if the industry were to achieve its potential. 

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Our Why

Alethium exists to make the world a healther, happier place.

Alethium's Story

Our What

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Validated lab tests.

Through our partnership with Ambra Labs we make testing easy and accessible, at disruptively cheap pricing. 

By combining this with our other suite of supply chain technology, we provide an external point of validation so that users up and down the supply chain gain visibility to Certificates iof Analysis.

Where buyers and suppliers meet.

The marketplace is the foundation upon which our other tools and services are built. We digitise an otherwise low-tech sector, taking away inefficiencies like payment, invoicing and tax compliance.

By making the process efficinent, we make it practical to discover new commercial relationships.


It all comes back to trust.

By providing validated points of credibility and history, we make it easy for buyers to trust new suppliers. By offering a secure way to settle payments, we derisk the diversification of supply.

For suppliers, we offer a way to earn trust quickly.

Together, this allows new relationships to be forged.