Change is Coming

The health & wellness industry has begun a shift away from a race to the bottom on price and towards a future of trusted, high-quality and values-aligned products. 

What does this mean?

There are already winners & losers


In the last few years there have been some spectacular failures. GNC raised $360m at IPO in 2011. In less than 10 years they declared bankruptsy following product quality scandals.

Whole Foods Market, a brand built on quality, have launched a supplement brand called 365 that has become the second-best selling label on Amazon, shortly behind Amazon's own-brand product.

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It's not about price

Traditional approaches are ceasing to work

What's changing

Consumers are increasingly awakening to the fact that flashy marketing doesn't ensure high quality. The high-profile scandals of the likes GNC and Herbalife have brought this into public consciousness. That brings increased scrutiny all along the supply chain. How will we respond?

The truth is out there

Consumers are searching for answers

We, the industry, can make them easier to find.

Companies are already starting to address the demand from informed consumers to get more confidence in their products. These include companies like Examine, Lab Door and Consumer Lab

We believe this approach is dated and ineffective, it's quality control at only the very last stage of production. We believe a Total Quality Management approach is better and cheaper for everyone.

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A Better World is Possible


The Future

Our Key Pillars

Alethium believes that by supporting the industry in these ways we can enable everyone to have a good day at the office



Companies and consumers need to have reliable information available to them to make decisions. This goes beyond β€˜hard’ facts like Certificates of Analysis and transaction histories, it includes trustworthy information on provenance, certifications, kitemarks and other practices carried out by suppliers. 


Trust goes beyond transparency. It’s a feeling that comes, in part from transparency, but importantly also from community. It includes feedback, scores and plain old speaking to each other. 



Because we make it easy to work out who you can trust, we make it easy for finding new suppliers to just work. You no longer know who you buy from or sell to on B2C platforms like Amazon, Uber or AirB&B. B2C can have the same level of ease. 



There is plenty of admin running a business. Is it a good use of your time to manage multiple procurement workflows, invoice processing, VAT compliance or credit control? We think not.


Underpinning everything we do is the human connection through community. We all thrive or struggle as a result of relationships, not one-off interactions. 

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